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Basic use of Photography

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Basic use of Photography

The word photography means ‘drawing with light,’ which derives from the Greek photo, meaning light, and graph, meaning to draw. Photography is the process of recording an image – a photograph – on light-sensitive film or, in the case of digital Photography, via a digital electronic or magnetic memory. You can find thousands of online sites, resources, and publications that photographers use to hone their craft and skills when searching the internet. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, photography blogs are excellent sources of knowledge, where talented photographers provide the expertise and resources to help. Many online sources offer various materials to learn tips and tricks, discover the latest gear recommendations, and more. But it can all be overwhelming. While there is an exhaustive list of amazing blogs, we went ahead and created a list of the best photography blogs designed to enhance your creative journey. So, grab some coffee and enjoy the blogs dedicated to honing the art of Photography.

 Behind the Shutter- When readers explore “Behind the Shutter,” they can expect to find an immense catalog of tutorials. Photographers of any level can find tutorials ranging from aperture settings to something more creative and complex, such as using color gels in portrait work.

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Creative Boom- Not only does “Creative Boom” provide tutorials on technical photography skills, but it also offers career tips, the best gear to use, and books to enhance your skills. In addition to this, this blog showcases various artists, publishing fascinating interviews and showcasing brilliant works. This blog combines education with inspiration, making it an excellent resource for beginners and

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Strobist- With “Learn How to Light” as its tagline, David Hobby guides readers on one of the most basic yet challenging skills in Photography. Even the most creative photos can send the wrong message without appropriate lighting. In the “Strobist,” readers can expect to utilize their flash and other light sources to create mood, tone, and ambiance in their workwithout using fancy equipment or Photoshop. But the tips here on using light and flash make it worth a bookmark. As any photographer will tell you, light sometimes distinguishes between a great shot and an okay one. As the Welcome page says – the site is about learning how to use off-camera flash with your DSLR to take your photos to the next level. Or the following ten groups. The Lighting 101 beginner course puts you on the first level.

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The Phoblographer- This provokes the reader to explore their creativity through reviews, tutorials, and articles published on the site. This site allows readers to examine other photographers’ work, read about the newest gear, and explore the world from new perspectives.

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DIY Photographer- I didn’t know that if you buy a lens, you should check it for fungi infection. That’s what I learned at this DIY Photography pretty early on. The site has a mish-mash of advice, tutorials, and tips on various photography topics, from setting up a home studio to quick tips and camera hacks (Using A Door Peephole as A Fisheye Lens). You are going to stay here for a while.

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Photography Concentrate- Rob Lim and Lauren Lim share their love for Photography here. The husband-wife duo loves Photography, and it shows on the site. The About page is an exciting read, and it inspires you if you are at the beginning yourself. The site has some paid products (tutorials), but there is enough free content to give you the nitty-gritty on all photography angles. Free stuff includes – The Camera Buying Guide and The Shy Photographer’s Guide to Confidence eBook, among others.

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Photo JoJo- The guys behind Photo JoJo scour the web and pick the best kick-ass photo tips, projects, and other resources for you. They do the hard work so you can lean back and take some of the most remarkable pictures. Their newsletter is a worthwhile subscription that could contribute to your photography skills. The article that drew me to The Photo Argus was 27 Most Followed Photographers on Google+. Then I stuck on to browsing through the other photographic showcases. If you feel that you aren’t getting anywhere with your photography learning, read – Inspirational Blind Photographers and their Portfolios for inspiration. It will open your eyes. They have an exciting feature called the Time Capsule which takes you back to the photos you shot a year ago.

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Photo Focus- You will almost have categories listed in the drop-down on the right. Don’t…because each type is a rich vein of photography how-to. The blog’s first entry dates back to 2008, and one of the first tips it offered was – to check your batteries. Since then, the blog authored by Scott Borne, a multi-faceted man, has provided tips, reviews, Photoshop how-tos, and contests through the years. There are audio and video podcasts, and you can subscribe to the podcast feed on iTunes or any other podcast catcher. Check out the contests, which could give you a chance to walk away with practical gifts.

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The best thing would be sticking to one and exploiting it until the batteries run dry. You could fall in love with this photography blog and at least fall in love with the art of taking portrait shots. If your interest lies in capturing people and emotions, the tips here could make you a better photographer, from babies to older citizens. You can go in search for photography tutorial sites that go into specialized genres like food photography, wedding photography, or street photography.


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