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Basic Post-Processing Tips to Instantly Improve Your Photos

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Basic Post-Processing Tips to Instantly Improve Your Photos

Photography post-processing opens up the enormous potential for transforming an image, whether to make it just as vivid as you remember or something that even defies the laws of gravity. Digging up tutorials on specific photo edits is excellent, but understanding photography post-processing techniques allow even rookies to learn concepts that can apply to any image. These fundamental photography post-processing techniques, from exposure to composting, give photographers the tools to hone their craft in Photoshop, Lightroom, and other photo editing programs. 

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In this guide, you will learn about the photography terms and the effect each adjustment has on the image, how to make basic photo edits and keep image quality, how to use advanced editing tools like adjustment layers to make non-destructive edits, how to access the best Photoshop and Lightroom tools for photographers and many more related to this.

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How to Crop Your Photos?

The crop tool allows you to change your image’s size and change the aspect ratio. For example, you can crop an image from a rectangular shape to a square shape. You would want to cut many reasons, including publishing in different formats and aspect ratios.

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How to adjust the white balance for natural-looking images?

White balance is a setting used to balance the color of the light you shoot to get it close to a neutral white. When the existing lighting conditions distort the color of your subject, you need to use the white balance setting to save the day. One way to set the white balance correctly is to get it right in-camera. However, some photographers prefer to shoot in RAW with an auto white balance setting and then adjust the white balance afterward. If that’s your preference, you’ll need to choose your white balance in a post-processing program. It’s generally easy to select a white balance option that adjusts for the lighting of your shot. You’re also free to experiment with different white balance options to choose the one that most reflects your creative vision.

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How to straighten your horizon for professional-looking photos?

When the horizon isn’t straight, even the untrained eye picks up that something is off. They might not know what’s wrong, but they’ll be aware that the scene seems out of order. It is why you absolutely must make sure your horizon is straight. Fortunately, it’s straightforward to correct the horizon; you can do it in any post-processing program.

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How to boost the saturation or vibrance sliders for better colors?

The saturation and vibrance adjustment sliders usually sit next to each other and can be confusing. Both add an extra color punch to your image, but they do so in different ways. You see, saturation adjusts the intensity of all the colors in your appearance at once. If you push the saturation slider, you will see color saturation increase across the board. Therefore, it’s an adjustment you want to use sparingly. Vibrance, by comparison, is a “smarter” saturation tool, one that adjusts only the duller colors in your image. Increasing the vibrance will boost the less-saturated colors but won’t affect colors that are already saturated.

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How to boost your contrast to create images that pop?One of the simplest ways to make your photos pop is to adjust the contrast. A contrast adjustment further separates the darkest and brightest areas of your image. In other words, it makes the dark tones darker and the light tones lighter.Increased contrast, therefore, makes styles stand out and gives your photos a more three-dimensional feel.Pretty much every image editor has a contrast slider. And boosting the contrast is often as simple as pushing the slider to the right.So,

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remember, If you’re struggling to make your photos more lively, try increasing the contrast. It’s a simple post-processing tip, but one that works.

Sharpen your photos for the best display on the web

Your images are most likely going to be displayed on the internet. However, when you export your photos from most image-editing programs, you will have blurry images. Unless you sharpen for the web, that is. Sometimes there will be something in an idea that you don’t want to be there, like an inconvenient pimple on someone’s face. It is easy to remove in all the primary editing tools. You can, in theory, remove any object from a scene, but the healing tool works best on different, small things that are surrounded by uniform colors. It is because the heal tool has to replace the area you wish to remove with something else, and this works best when it has a place nearby that looks similar. So, for example, a pimple on a face is surrounded by a lot of similarly colored skin, so the heal tool can easily calculate what to replace the spot based on the surrounding area.

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So, I conclude by telling you that if you have just begun your photography journey or looking to improve your basic editing skills, these post-processing tips are a great place to start. Basic editing is often all you need to improve your photos dramatically.


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